May 2021 -Segment Analysis -

Date: 08 June 2021 | By: Team Autohead | Approx 10 minute read

Segment Analysis

  • Overall the market grew by 183% YoY. This was primarily owing to OEMs investment in Online Sales and distribution initiatives.
  • Hatchbacks account for 34%, of total car sales and this is dominated by Maruti Suzuki. Hatch back segment grew by 180% YoY however was below the average growth in segments.
  • Compact SUVs or Sub 4m SUVs is next big segment and has grown the most. Showing Stupendous growth by over 535% YoY. It also manage to increase its Market share by close to 15%
  • SUV segment also seeing great traction and registering 183% YoY growth.
  • CSUV and SUV segment combined make upto 45% market share. Clearly it indicates that Indian car buyer has a strong preference for SUV body shape.
  • Compact Sedans also registering an impressive above average growth of 197% accounting for increased market share at shade over 8%
  • Sedans segment registering growth of 178% but has small market share of 3.45%
  • MUV growing at a meager 17% way below the segment average of 183% and loosing its share by over 10% YoY. From 18% in May'20 its now under 8% in May'21. This is the segment to loose max market share
  • Van segment de grows by 32% only segment to de grow. Also to note that Only Eeco from Suzuki forms this segment. There is no other player in the market.

  • Segment Trends

    Though the Hatchbacks still lead, the lead is diminishing. CSUV and SUV are catching up. Over the last 4 months we see a steady decline for Hatchbacks, MUVs. While on the other hand the CSUV, SUV segments are on the growth path. The Indian preference towards SUV is very visible trend looking at YoY and MoM numbers, no wonder when you see SUVs like Kushaq, Alcazar or small SUVs like HBX from Tata, are expected to be launched in the coming months. Suzuki too, a dominant Hatchback and Sedan player planning to launch slew of SUVs in coming months.


    Segment Leaderboard

    • Suzuki leads in 4 segments
    • Hyundai, Mahindra, Kia and Tata leads in 2 segments each
    • Hyundai and Toyota leads in 2 segments each
    • Skoda, Ford and Jeep lead in 1 segment each.

    Entry level hatchback

    Suzuki 87%
    Renault 13%

    Mid level hatchback

    Suzuki 56%
    Hyundai 29%
    Tata 15%

    Premium hatchback

    Suzuki 37%
    Hyundai 27%
    Tata 23%

    Compact Sedans

    Suzuki 68%
    Hyundai 19%
    Honda 6%

    Midsized Sedans

    Hyundai 34%
    Honda 33%
    Skoda 18%

    Executive and Premium Sedans

    Skoda 93%
    Hyundai 7%

    Compact SUV

    Kia & Tata 25%
    Hyunda 18%
    Suzuki 10%

    Midsized SUV

    Hyundai 62%
    Kia 36%

    Executive SUV

    Tata 39%
    Mahindra 27%
    Hyundai 18%

    Premium SUV

    Jeep 57%
    Volkwagen 18%
    MG 10%

    Premium Large SUV

    Ford 63%
    MG 31%


    Mahindra 47%
    Suzuki 46%

    Executive MUV

    Mahindra 75%
    Toyota 25%

    Premium MUV

    Kia 99%