Electric vehicles sales in April 2021

Date: 17 May 2021 | By: Team Autohead | Approx 3 minutes read

EV sales for the month of April 2021

  • SUV ruling the roost in EV segment as well. 3 out of 4 EV are SUV, and command market share of 93%. Tigor being the only sedan had market share of 7% in April 2021.
  • Tata Nexon despite degrowth of close to 20% MoM, manages to increase market share by 8% and now commands a whopping 70% market share
  • MG ZS EV decreases 94% MoM and also ceedes its market share by close to 9%. The market share for SAIC brand is now 21%.
  • Hyundai Kona seems all lost. No traction by the company to boost its sale. The high price of Kona, compared to the Value-for-Money offerings viz., ZSEV and NexonEV making it feel all the heat.
  • Tigor degrows MoM by 30%
  • No eVerito sales in April 2021

  • Tata NexonEV having strong market share, just like Suzuki has in the ICE segment, dominates with over 60% market share
  • MG ZS is challenging Tata supremacy with share around 20-30%
  • Hyundai and Mahindra seem to have lost way in Electric scene. Mahindra tough has grand plans to launch eKUV100 and eXUV300 in the later part of this year.

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