Segment wise snapshot of car sales in February 2021

Date: 05 Mar 2021 | By: Team Autohead | Approx 1 minute read


  • Overall the market grew by 23.57% YoY
  • Hatchbacks still account for 45% (down from 52% last year), of total car sales and this is dominated by Maruti Suzuki, but were the most to degrow.Lost market share by close to 7%.
  • Compact SUVs or Sub 4m SUVs is next big segment and is the fastest growning segment with growth of 101%. Commands a market share of over 17%
  • SUV segment also growing by over 84% YoY garnering market share of 14% up form 9% last Feb.
  • CSUV and SUV segment combined to give close to 32% Market share
  • MUV segment de grows by 13%, with Market share coming down in single Digits over previous year.
  • Sedans have remained somewhat flat with market share under 3%.
  • Maruti Eeco Van has created a segment for itself and commands close to 4% of overall marketshare.
  • Compact Sedans showing moderate 20% growth.

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